Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Bangladesh

A Statutory Body under an Act of Parliament

Administrative Ministry: Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh


Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Bangladesh (ICSB) is a governance professional institute representing the Chartered Secretaries profession in Bangladesh.

Is Corporate Governance (CG) important?

Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which an organization is directed and controlled. It ensures that organizations have appropriate strategic planning and decision making processes and controls in place, with a culture that is aligned, so that the interests of all stakeholders are identified and (to the extent possible) balanced in the pursuit of the organization’s purpose.

Good governance and related best practices provide an organization with:

  • A framework to achieve its purpose in a way in which the interests of stakeholders are balanced and risks are identified and managed.
  • Stakeholder trust and confidence, based on being transparent, accountable, and responsible to them.
  • Long term financial sustainability.
  • Legally and regulatory compliant, ethical operations.

What does the Governance Professional do?

  • Highly valued members of senior management teams in organizations.
  • The go-to authority on governance issues and advisers to Chairpersons, Boards and Management.
  • Qualified to act as Company Secretary of any company and also as Focal Person of the same.
  • Plays a crucial advisory role in assisting organizations in upholding the highest standard of governance and in developing and implementing procedures and policies that foster efficient administration.
  • Many have expertise in risk management, compliance and stakeholder engagement, helping to promote and shape an organization’s compliance culture.
  • Serves as a liaison for communication between the Board and Management and between the Internal and External Stakeholders.
  • Supports director training, helps with problem-solving, advising and influencing board-level governance and strategic choices, and plans, organizes, and records meetings.

What qualities should a Chartered Secretaries possess?

  • Constantly refresh their skills and expertise and keep up with new developments in laws and regulations relevant to their field of work.
  • Adapt to a continually changing and expanding job, behave with moral rectitude, support equality, diversity and inclusion, and stay clear of conflicts of interest.
  • Possess a high level of professionalism, competence, and behavior and the ability to communicate and know when to take an independent stance when necessary.